Talus Fracture: Regaining Dorsiflexion with Painful Ankle

Talus Fracture: Regaining Dorsiflexion with Painful Ankle

Postby lreed87 » Wed Oct 28, 2009 5:43 pm

Okay, so in late April I fractured my talus in two places - one small fracture that would have been okay on its own, but then it completely cracked down the middle. I had to have surgery to put screws in to hold it together while it healed. Now, I am in PT, and I can't regain my dorsiflexion! It's so bad that I can't walk normally. It's mainly because it is so stiff on the upward bending and very painful on the top of my ankle where my foot meets my ankle. There was some bone growth that could be stopping some of the upward motion, but I keep getting told that it shouldn't stop it this badly - I'm at about 2-7º dorsiflexion with someone pushing on my ankle, less than 0 by my own accord, when the normal is 20 to 30º without someone pushing. I don't have time to do intensive physical therapy, and I really don't care about anything else right now other than the dorsiflexion, so I could totally focus on that for the time that I have. Problem is it hurts too much to make any progress, and my physical therapist really hasn't shown me any ways to increase dorsiflexion that I can actually do - she showed me the on the stair technique and bending my knees while keeping my feet planted. Problem is I can't do any of that.

So yea. Long post. But does anyone know how to regain dorsiflexion when the pain is this limiting? Anything easy/not time consuming that I could do (cuz I can't do anything else at this point!)?
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